The Tenure Facility’s blogs are about people and communities, and represent the broad range of knowledge and opinions contained within the indigenous land rights family. We aim to give a platform to everyone from external experts to close collaborators, from indigenous representatives to members of our own team. The blogs are personal in nature, and the views expressed in these pages do not necessarily reflect those held by the Tenure Facility.

The Green Climate Fund and Us: how Indigenous Peoples must make their voices heard

The GCF represents a potentially game-changing opportunity to promote the rights and roles of Indigenous Peoples in the fight against climate change

The meaning of home: a journey into the forests of the Belizean Maya

The bounty of the land and Maya identity are inextricably entwined, underpinning families and whole communities

Learning together, apart: training indigenous reporters during Coronavirus

Distance learning has provided a vital link between indigenous villages in southern Peru and the outside world during the Coronavirus pandemic