Cross Cutting Themes

Cross-cutting themes are additional issues or areas that intersect with the main project or can be easily integrated into the project without losing focus of the main goal. These themes can be an effective tool for explaining how targeted impact in one project area can also have a much wider effect. Secure tenure is crucial to achieve gender equality, to find climate solutions, to resolve conflict and to maintain peace. Many of the risks and vulnerabilities in the gender-conflict–climate interconnection have a clear land rights component. Addressing them calls for a wider recognition and implementation of land rights. 

Land rights and gender

Gender is a basic factor of social relations and rights in Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Together with class, ethnicity, and caste, gender determines to a great extent a person’s opportunity, and status in the community.

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Land rights and conflict

The management of land and natural resources is one of the most critical challenges facing developing countries today. The exploitation of high-value natural resources, including oil, gas, minerals and timber has often been recognised as a key factor in triggering, escalating or sustaining violent conflicts around the globe

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Land rights and climate change

Secure tenure is essential for safeguarding the existing forests against external forces. This is specifically true for forests managed by Indigenous Peoples, where much of the world’s carbon is stored. Recent research states that the recognition of customary tenure in these areas is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by deforestation.

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