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The Tenure Facility works directly with Indigenous Peoples and local communities and their allies to ensure laws on community rights are translated into rights recognition on the ground. It supports them to achieve formal legal recognition of their territorial rights on maps, in laws, and in the plans and operations of governments and private investors. We work strategically with local, national, and international stakeholders to foster community-level partnership and joint action with governments and the private sector.

Tenure Facility is a leading funder specialised in Indigenous Peoples and local communities’ rights and governance of land, forest, and territories. Work across the tropics in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, we support these communities so that they can manage, defend and thrive in their territories.

In 2023, Tenure Facility’s partners succeeded in getting governments to formalise indigenous and community land and forest rights to more than 2 million hectares and made progress on improving tenure security and governance in almost 22 million hectares, benefiting nearly 14,000 communities. Behind these big numbers lie thousands of individual stories of struggle and success.

To continue with this impact in 2023, we gave US$ 26 million to 32 projects in 18 countries. Thanks to our generous donors, we doubled the number of projects we fund and the amount of onward grants we provide, compared to 2022. As a result, we are in reach of our ambitious target of improving tenure security and governance over 60 million hectares by 2027.

Our support also extends beyond funding. We provide strategic and technical advice, foster learning opportunities, and connect partners with key players to help advance their cause. Likewise, we ensure our policies and practices are tailored-made for our partners. We see to it that our partner’s projects promote gender equality and contribute to land, climate and biodiversity conservation.

Learn more about our impact in our latest annual report.

2023 Annual Report

In 2023, our partners’ efforts led to the formal recognition of more than 2 million hectares of land and forest. This significant progress also included improvements in tenure security and governance across nearly 22 million hectares. Our 2023 annual report is more than just a reflection of these past achievements; it is a beacon of hope in turbulent times and a call to action. Together with the continued support of our donors and the dedication of our partners, local and indigenous communities can thrive.

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