Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

The Tenure Facility devotes significant time and resources to ensure it can meaningfully track the results and impacts of its portfolio of projects. One of our main goals is to capture, disseminate and widely exchange knowledge on the tools, methods and approaches developed to secure land and forest tenure.

To connect project-level results with overall performance, the Tenure Facility tracks its portfolio of projects against its theory of change and programmatic metrics for results laid out in a logical framework. The Tenure Facility’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) system helps it report on the outputs and outcomes of its work, track progress, make adjustments, discover unplanned effects of projects, and judge its overall impact. Monitoring and evaluation include a learning element  to ensure experiences are shared more broadly and lessons are learned.

The four “building blocks” of the MEL system are:

  • – Project-level monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • – Joint spaces in which the implementers of Tenure Facility projects and the Secretariat can reflect and learn
  • – Global horizontal learning and outreach beyond projects
  • – Knowledge management and sharing

The Tenure Facility has developed a guide about monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting for partners to the Tenure Facility.