Annual reports

Starting in 2018, the Tenure Facility publishes an Annual Report for donors, partners, and a wider audience - providing a rich and detailed look at our progress and that of our partners over the previous year. The Annual Report is an opportunity to showcase our work in the field, both in terms of quantitative results and the human stories behind our support for indigenous land rights, as well as financial records and messages from our Executive Director, and the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Annual report 2018

In the 2018 transition year, the Tenure Facility started hiring its own staff, ratified its systems, issued grants, fundraised and demonstrated great progress in Stockholm. In this first annual report, we explore how our partners are working with governments to transform international and national commitments, policies, and laws into clear legal recognition of indigenous lands and forests. And we will share stories of their leadership, strategies, achievements, learning, and innovation.