How we work

The Tenure Facility offers grants and technical assistance directly to Indigenous Peoples and local communities in their efforts to secure tenure, with a particular focus on mitigating climate change, reducing conflict and promoting gender equality. Our support enables initiatives that scale up implementation of land and forest tenure reform policies and legislation, creating space for governments and communities to test new models, strategies and approaches. We give priority to areas where local peoples’ rights are under threat and where there is a real opportunity to advance local tenure. We focus on implementing land and forest tenure, by harnessing the power of local community and Indigenous Peoples’ initiatives – using their strategies, skills, and drive.

Cross cutting themes

Read more about the land rights interdependence with climate change, conflict and gender. Using a systems approach, these cross-cutting issues offer entry points allowing another dimension for analysing tenure themes as well as understanding the network of interconnections throughout earth and human systems.

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Project selection and criteria

The Tenure Facility supports projects that feature a range of activities. You can learn about these, the grants we offer and the project selection process here.

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