Learning Exchanges

Gathering and sharing knowledge across our global network is at the heart of the Tenure Facility’s work. We regularly host Learning Exchanges, in which we bring together our partners, members of Indigenous and local communities, experts, government officials and donors to discuss lessons learned and best practices.

Learning Exchange 2020: "Community resilience and land rights progress"

As part of a commitment to creating a space for dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration across our global network, the Tenure Facility in November hosted its 2020 Learning Exchange: Community resilience and land rights progress, bringing together more than 150 project partners, experts, donors, government representatives and others from 20 different countries.

Taking place over three days in the midst of a pandemic, the event, which was co-hosted by the Swedish International Agricultural Initiative (SIANI), was held online for the first time, creating a digital platform in which 13 Tenure Facility funded projects representatives were able to discuss the challenges and opportunities they have faced due to COVID-19 — crucially allowing the widest possible participation, from the communities upwards. Thirteen short films were premiered during this event, illustrating how each project has responded to the challenges of the last year.

Day one focused on the impacts of the pandemic on communities and projects, as they attempt to protect and strengthen existing land rights amidst economic and social turmoil. Day two looked at the effects of corporate greed, weak governance and criminality on the forests which indigenous communities rely on and protect. Day three explored the vital role played by women in reinforcing collective land rights, and the continued challenge around participation and equal rights.

A Fourth day dedicated to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) training for our partners saw more than 100 participants from a dozen countries exploring how to better collect, analyse and share data from our projects.

The event videos and films are available on the Tenure Facility Vimeo and YouTube channels.