The Tenure Facility strongly believes in the importance of measuring our impact, so that we can learn from successes and challenges – refining how we work and amplifying those improvements by sharing our findings with partners and other stakeholders.

As part of this vision, we implement the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Guidelines across all our projects, enabling us to generate consistent and comparable data sets to monitor our own progress, quickly identify and solve problems, and share best practice with partners around the world.

Results highlights

Learn more about our projects’ latest results highlight and the steps taken by our partners to expand the sustainable management and protection of their forests and lands.

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Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Read more about the importance of MEL and how we support our partners to monitor, learn, adapt, report and capture unexpected results in their projects.

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Pilot project: Initial success

The Tenure Facility´s pilot phase ran from 2015 to 2017 achieving significant results in a short period of time and generating valuable lessons for improving its operations and services.

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