Aquilombar: (Re)existence and territory to guarantee Quilombola rights in Pará

The quilombola movement of the state of Pará (Malungu), in partnership with the DEMA Fund and Mizizi Dudu Quilombola Fund, is supporting advancing the titling process of some 50 QTs in Pará.


From: 01/05/2023

To: 30/04/2028

Partners: Quilombola movement of the state of Pará (Malungu)

Associates: Dema Fund/Mizizi Dudu Fund and Fiscal Sponsor: Federation of Organs for Social and Educational Assistance (FASE)

Stakeholders: 99 quilombola territories in the state of Para

The Aquilombar II project focuses on the state of Pará. It involves Malungu, the Pará affiliate of the National Coordination for the Articulation of Rural Black Quilombola Communities (CONAQ).  Malungu will work with the Mizizi Dudu Fund, the first quilombola managed territorial community fund, currently incubated in DEMA Fund.

The fund will channel money to community organisations and universities to help governmental agencies to advance the titling of 99 quilombola territories in the state of Pará. This will include preparing studies and organisational activities required for titling and management of titled territories. The project will emphasise building the capacities of both the Malungu and Mizizi Dudu fund. This project will upscale activities funded by the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) through Aquilombola I.   

Aquilombar II is expected to advance very quickly. Malungu is planning to cover all the quilombolas territories with titling processes in the state and federal land agencies, and in five years complete the demarcation process of all indigenous territories in Pará.


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