A Project for Women’s Collective Land Security in the Rural Areas of Burkina Faso

Once women gain secure rights to the land that they already use, there is more freedom to invest in improving the productive capacities of this land through actions to conserve water and soil, while also practising defence and restoration of land. The main partners of this project are thus constituted by women in rural areas organised in the different project intervention zones. The project targets fifteen potential municipalities for intervention across ten administrative regions of Burkina Faso.


From: 01/04/2022

To: 31/03/2025

Budget: $1,200,000

Proponents: TENFOREST - Land and Forest Tenure Champions Platform

This project is based on the National Land Security Policy in rural areas which aims at ensuring that all rural actors have fair access to land, guarantee of their investments and effective management of land conflicts to support in reducing poverty, promote peace and to reach sustainable development. The main objective lies in strengthening the collective tenure systems of local communities, specifically through promoting women’s secure access to land. With Law 034/2009 on “rural land tenure”, Burkina Faso has created a legal framework that regulates the procedures for registering and securing land. The traditional land tenure system disadvantages certain population groups, such as women, migrants and youth, and hampers their long-term access to land. This situation of insecurity and the resulting lack of prospects often makes it difficult for those groups to become self-reliant and inhibits investment.

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