Blossoms of hope in turbulent times

By the end of 2023, the efforts of our partners led to the formal recognition of more than 2 million hectares of land and forest. The year also saw progress made on tenure security and governance across nearly 22 million hectares.

These numbers represent not just vast tracts of land but the people living in nearly 14,000 communities striving for secure tenure. In our 2023 annual report and its accompanying appendix you can read their stories, understand their challenges and celebrate their triumphs.

2023 report and appendix

“We are living in turbulent times, with an increasingly volatile climate,” our Executive Director Nonette Royo said. “But this report shows how Indigenous Peoples, local communities and others are protecting forests, fields, peat lands, and waterways despite these mounting pressures.”

In 2023, Tenure Facility allocated US$ 26 million to 32 projects across 18 countries – a doubling of both the number of projects funded and the amount distributed compared to 2022. This growth is a testament to the generosity of our donors and the efficacy of our partnerships.

As we move forward in 2024, we see great opportunities ahead. The seeds we have planted are starting to blossom, promising a future of continued progress and success. Despite the hurdles we face, our focus remains to support indigenous and local communities so they can thrive in their ancestral lands with full recognition of their right to own, manage and develop their territories.


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