First Learning Exchange: 4 February 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

Participants in the First Learning Exchange call for a flexible reflection and learning process 


Gathered in London on 4 February 2016 at the first-ever Tenure Facility learning exchange, almost 25 participants shared what they are learning from six pilot projects funded by the new Facility. They advised on how to more effectively support the indigenous and local communities that are fighting for their land and forest tenure rights. Participants included project leaders, donors, expert consultants, RRI and Tenure Facility staff, and indigenous leaders.

The group called for revisions to a draft monitoring and evaluation framework. They also explored approaches for supporting and sharing their learning. They proposed a flexible ‘reflection and learning’ process that builds on the ways that they are already learning. They asked for more opportunities to learn from each other, and proposed the development of an online ‘portal’ to support learning and sharing of strategies and documents.

To learn more about the First Learning Exchange and participant recommendations, read the report on the meeting highlights.