Panama is recognized internationally as a country with a superior legal framework on land regularization and indigenous rights. Yet there are many serious challenges associated with the implementation of this framework, and traditional authorities are forced to spend an overwhelming amount of time and effort on the defense of their territorial rights. This initiative will support the creation of an indigenous “Legal Clinic” to help advance the resolution of land titling, conflict resolution, and territorial governance issues faced by Panama’s indigenous territorial Congresses and Councils. It will also help capitalize on emerging opportunities for the titling of indigenous lands by building on ongoing developments such as the recent agreements with the new government administration and the favorable rulings of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Panama Supreme Court.


Indigenous Peoples, communities and their participating traditional authorities (Congresses/Councils); COONAPIP; Government of Panama: National Land Administration Authority (ANATI); National Environmental Authority (ANAM); National Commission for Political and Administrative Limits; National Geographical Institute “Tommy Guardia;” local academic and civil society organizations.