Nature for life: Putting nature at the heart of sustainable development and green recovery

Organisers:  The Nature for Life Hub, UNDP, UNEP, CBD.

When: Thursday 24 September to Tuesday September 29 2020, EDT

Where: Open event online. 

The Nature for Life Hub will offer a virtual venue for multiple events as part of the four-day program. Hub organizers will work with champions, mobilizers, leaders and speakers who inspire and engage global audiences. It will touch upon ample journeys, delving deep into specialist topics, practical solutions and ambitious actions. This space will open an opportunity to hear from political and corporate leaders, the world’s youth, indigenous and community leaders, local authorities and cutting-edge thinkers. Each day will culminate in key messages to be fed into UN biodiversity-related discussions.

The event consists on 4 days, each with 4 sessions per day. Our Executive Director, Nonette Royo will be part of Local Action Day, which is day 4 of the event, on September 29. On this day it will be discussed how local action is essential on nature if we are to tackle our planetary emergency; we need an all-of-society approach. We are already seeing action by youth, Indigenous peoples and local communities in every country. This set of sessions will shine a spotlight on these efforts, showcasing success stories, highlighting challenges and obstacles, and showing pathways to scaling up local action to have global impacts. Nonette will be part of the third session, Session 3 – Local Action, Global Impact. The session will take place at 1 PM – 2:30 PM EDT.

Join us on this exciting discussion and share this event!


Host & moderator:

Kristen Walker

Senior vice president conservation international



Carlos Manuel Rodriguez

Ceo and chairperson of the global environment facility

Doma Tshering

Ambassador and permanent representative to the un kingdom of Bhutan

Idrissa Zeba

Executive Director/steering committee member Naturama/DGM Burkina Faso National and Global steering committee

Josefa Talui

Steering committee representative of local and indigenous youth global youth biodiversity network

Kobie Brand

Regional director ICLEI Africa & Global director ICLEI cities biodiversity centre

Nonette Royo

Executive Director Tenure Facility

Razan Al Mubarak

Managing director of EAD and candidate for IUCN Presidency environmental agency, Abu Dhabi (EAD)

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