Connecting indigenous and local storytellers with journalism: experiences and opportunities

Organisers:  Rainforest Journalism Fund and Tenure Facility

When: Thursday, November 26, 14:00 to 15:30 GMT

Where: online, please register here.

Think about the importance of fostering connections between indigenous or local storytellers and journalism in a time of rapid global and environmental change. That is the proposal of this webinar organized by the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund (Amazon RJF) and The Tenure Facility, which seeks to share experiences of journalists and organizations that have already built this bridge between indigenous or local storytellers and journalism and who will share their experiences, reflecting on challenges, successes and other important lessons learned.

This event will also promote a discussion of opportunities and networks that can be useful in the search for journalism or other projects that involve local or indigenous storytellers.

Journalists, editors, journalism students, storytellers, and community advocates of all backgrounds are invited. The webinar will be held in Spanish through ZOOM and YouTube Live.