This project will clarify “what comprises a community” in the rural areas, and provide communities a sense of security regarding their lands and improve conditions for initiating the implementation of pending major projects (e.g., World Bank/Norway REDD+ project).

The Community Rights Act (2009) and Land Rights Act (2009) recognize customary land claims without clarifying the status of customary land rights. A draft Field Guide for Developing a Framework for Implementing Customary/Community Land Rights Recognition Nationwide (“Field Guide”) has been prepared by The Land Commission to guide the procedures and processes of identifying customary communities and their collective land holding. The “Guide” will provide guidance to facilitators using the Customary Land Rights category of the new draft Land Rights Act.

An estimated 50% of the country’s land is under concessions or long lease contracts. The project will actively engage private sector stakeholders through the project Advisory Group. Two private sector stakeholders in the palm oil sector established their interest to join the Advisory Group to facilitate dialogue, exchange and inclusion of private sector perspectives during project implementation.

Beneficiaries include communities, women and other marginalized groups, CSOs, government institutions, development partners (donors), and the private sector.