The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility is a unique new institution that provides grants to advance land and forest tenure security and the rights and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. It is emergent and responsive to the growing global land and forest tenure crisis that often pits communities, businesses, and governments against one another. This crisis is growing as result of weak governance and unclear, unenforced or undocumented rules for governing land, forests, and people. The Tenure Facility is the first and only institution exclusively focused on securing collective rights to land and forests.

The Tenure Facility is designed to respond quickly and flexibly to indigenous and community organizations working to secure their land, and is informed by and engages with the private sector as well as existing international instruments including UN-REDD+, FIP, DGM, and bilateral programs.

The Tenure Facility is being incubated by the Rights and Resources Initiative and will become fully independent in 2017.

It has been supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Ford Foundation, and the Acacia Conservation Fund. The Tenure Facility (Internationella Insamlingsstiftelsen för Mark och Skogsrättigheter) was registered in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2017. The Tenure Facility has a Board of Directors and an international multi-stakeholder Advisory Group.