Rights-Based Ecosystem Approaches for a Green, Just Recovery

Organisers:  Global Landscape Forum

When: Wednesday, October 28th, 10:45-12:15 CET.

Where: Online. Register here.

This event is part of the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference which is bringing together representatives from a wide range of sectors to address concerns at the crossroads of biodiversity, ecosystem restoration and global health.

The event will showcase the latest perspectives from scientists, environmental practitioners, policymakers, banks, private corporations, Indigenous Peoples and local communities. This interactive and informative session will invite the audience to learn and explore, with experts from science and indigenous peoples, how to deliver a green, just recovery: How are biodiversity and climate change linked? How can rights-based approaches protect and fully restore ecological functionality? Which policy processes and finances are needed? Where are the priorities?

Join the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference and our Executive Director Nonette Royo on this informative session to inform the global conversation on how to protect and sustainably use the variety of life forms on the planet through a rights-based approach.

Read the concept note here. For the agenda click here.