The Tenure Facility welcomes first executive director

The Tenure Facility announced on 3 October 2017 that Nonette Royo will become the Facility’s first executive director. Lawyer, activist, and author, Nonette most recently led the Samdhana Institute in Southeast Asia. In the past two decades, Nonette has pioneered civil society initiatives in public interest law and environmental justice in the Philippines, Indonesia, and mainland Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, she co-founded an organization for legal and policy research and advocacy on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and another dedicated to women’s rights. Until recently, Nonette also served as Vice President for Research and Social Outreach at Xavier University. In Indonesia, Nonette assisted environmental advocacy and social justice movements. Her work includes facilitating the establishment of NGO networks and multi-stakeholder coalitions in key forested and biodiverse locations. Nonette also helped develop the Indigenous People’s Support Fund, which nurtures local indigenous organizations’ visions to protect the last contiguous biodiverse landscapes in the region. The Tenure Facility has benefited from the leadership of Interim Executive Director, Janis Alcorn, who helped to steer the Tenure Facility from idea to independent institution delivering significant results.