Check out our new learning and communication resources

The Tenure Facility’s goals will not be achieved through grants and technical support alone. Our success also depends on our ability to test and share new approaches and tools, as well as capture and share what we are learning. That’s why we have expanded our website to put learning and sharing front and centre.

Click on the new learning section, which expands on the original portal, to find reports on past learning exchanges, tools developed by pilots and projects, as well as a Tenure Facility “learning note.” Developed by Tenure Facility consultant Filippo Del Gatto, this publication consolidates learning generated by the pilots into guidance for the evolution of the Tenure Facility. The Facility is capturing learning and sharing it through RRI and other networks. In the future, visitors will also find tools developed by other organizations.

In the new “Resources” section, you can find a communication kit, reports, and key documents. A new section for journalists offers easy access to press releases, photos, animations, maps, videos, and background information. All this is complemented by the Tenure Facility’s new Flickr site where you can download photos and other visuals that tell the story of Tenure Facility initiatives on the ground.