Three communities create Mali’s first inter-community forest

In the region of Sikasso, 80% of the population lives off the land. Facing pressure on their lands due to climate change and land grabs in the surrounding areas, three communes collaborated to develop Mali’s first-ever forest that is held and managed by a number of communities, with the support of CNOP and HELVETAS Mali. The inter-community nature of the forest allows the community to work together to strengthen the productivity of these 4220 hectares of forest.

“Of every 100 land conflicts in the Region of Sikassso, 70 come from Ganadougou, an area of Sikasso composed of 10 municipalities, including the municipality of Nièna,” says Mohamed Barry, Secretary General of the Mayor, Nièna Municipality. “These conflicts are often brought before the courts in Bamako. The land commissions are helping to end this situation. There have been recommendations to send back the cases that are pending before the courts, given that the land commissions can help resolve these conflicts in a more permanent way.”