Defending the territory and safety of Indigenous Peoples living in voluntary isolation

FENAMAD worked with the Ministry of Culture to strengthen a system for monitoring and defending the land and forest tenure rights of Indigenous Peoples living in voluntary isolation in the in the Madre de Dios Territorial Reserve, which covers more than 800,000 hectares. Incursions from illegal loggers and miners, drug traffickers, and tourists are pushing PIAVCIs to the limits of their territories and sometimes forcing them into contact, which can result in fatal epidemics, and sometimes violence. This new monitoring system includes a protocol for responding to emergencies that could threaten the lives of PIAVCI, who are vulnerable to common diseases, and other Indigenous Peoples. The system also trains forest rangers in indigenous communities to monitor the forest, record contacts, and enact the emergency protocol when needed. It builds on previous work by the RRI Coalition in Peru, which contributed to improved legal protections for PIACVI.