The degree of forest conservation in indigenous territories in the Peruvian Amazon is high in comparison to the rest of Peru. Madre de Dios, however, is characterized by overlapping rights and conflicts over indigenous territories. Indigenous communities are at a disadvantage when they attempt to defend themselves against the multiple threats they face, including illegal mining, logging, land speculation and invasions. Over 50 percent of communities require legal and physical remediation of their territorial titles. Some have titles emitted without the necessary georeferencing; others have georeferenced titles, but are not yet inscribed in the public records; whilst others have incomplete or defective titles.


Indigenous communities of Madre de Dios and Cusco; Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation or Initial Contact (PIACVI); and the Regional Government of Madre de Dios (GOREMAD), particularly its departments of Physical and Legal Territorial Remediation for Rural Property, Agriculture, and Forestry and Wildlife.