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Call for consultancy proposals for external evaluator team – Evaluation of progress towards the establishment of the Tenure Facility

Rights and Resources Group (RRG) seeks to engage an External Evaluator (team) to develop and implement an appropriate methodology to analyze complex information and conduct a robust evaluation of progress during incubation of The Tenure Facility. The External Evaluator (team) must bring judgment and experience in both (a) collective tenure security, (b) strategic grant-making and learning and c) organizational development, especially the establishment of international, network-based organizations and support mechanisms.

The purpose of the external evaluation is to document and independently test assertions of impact and learning during the Tenure Facility incubation phase, and to provide recommendations for the establishment phase. The evaluation will focus on the emerging institution rather than provide a grant by grant evaluation. The evaluation will examine the Tenure Facility’s current and evolving institutional structures, its strategies and approaches to implement its theory of change, including technical support and grant-making processes as well as how the grant-making is connected to the emerging learning platform. The external evaluators will assess existing documents and independently gather evidence and diverse stakeholders’ insights on how the Tenure Facility can best achieve its mission and suggest areas for improvement as the Tenure Facility becomes established.

Proposals responding to the detailed Call for Proposals and TOR are requested by no later than midnight June 7, 2017. For questions or clarifications please contact Ms. Sandra Leon (

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